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Canyon Fever and Other Short Fishing Stories


Join Captain Frank Hardy and the crew of the Lucky in a riveting tale of encounters with sharks, porpoises, big-eyes, yellow-fins and other great offshore game fish in Canyon Fever. Many fishermen never get to the Northeast Atlantic Canyons and wonder what it's like to fish there. Experience fishing the Canyon, a place where great fish truly live while also learning "how to's" embedded by Author/Captain Dennis Dillon. Hired Hand, Captain Jerk and Unforgettable Striper are just a few of the tales in Other Fishing Stories of the Sea. These short stories depict fishing events in the lives of charter boat captains, commercial rod and reel pin-hookers, their families and friends. Although fictional, these tales by Captain Denny are based on his many years as a commercial pin-hooker and charter boat skipper.




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Boat Phone-401-741-2069


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